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The special abilities of the Chrysler Thermostats to open and close at a predetermined temperature is what makes operating an internal combustion engine is a specific temperature range possible.

The location of all Chrysler thermostats is near the top of the engine block. This is the exit portal of the engine coolant system so the coolant can return to the radiator to be cooled down. The thermostat on your Chrysler has the ability to open and close at a specific temperature because of the bi-metal spring that is connected to its valve. It is the differences in the expansion characteristic of the metal in the spring that allows for it to open and close. If this metal is worn out and loses its ability to open the valve or close it, then the thermostat will be considered faulty and in need of being replaced.

To locate the thermostat on your Chrysler engine you need to do is to follow the radiator hose back to the engine. The radiator hose is the upper coolant hose. Under the housing that the radiator hose is connected too is this coolant component. With the removal of 2 bolts, it can be visually seen and removed.

When installing the new thermostat in your Chrysler engine there are a few steps that should be followed. The first one is to make sure both surfaces that cover this coolant component are clean of the old gasket material. This will make it possible for a good seal to be created and prevent any coolant from leaking out. The second is before it is installed, the valve should be manually opened. To help ensure it is not stuck in the closed position. 5% of all valves are stuck in the closed position from the factory.