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All Dodge thermostats control the flow of the coolant out of the engine and through the radiator so the correct operating temperature of the engine can be maintained. This is the thermostats only and sole purpose of being used. Each Dodge engine is designed to operate within a specific temperature range. There are slightly different levels of this range over all of the Dodge engines that are being produced, thus the reason for so many different thermostats with different temperature ranges. The correct range for your engine is in the manual for your vehicle that is available from your dealer or local auto part store. A failing Dodge thermostat will cause your engine to overheat if it is stuck closed. They have also been known to get jammed in the open position. This is harder to notice because the engine will continue to operate. The indications are the temperature will never reach its optimum level and the heater will not be able to get as warm as it normally would. Locating the thermostat on your dodge is easy. By tracing the upper radiator hose to where it is connected to the engine is all you need to do. Under this connection is its location. To replace it, the coolant system does not need to be drained, but it is advisable. The engine should also be cool so the technician or the Dodge owner does not get burnt by hot coolant. In most instances the connection is only mounted by 2 bolts. On some models there are 3. Once removed, the rest of the old gasket material should be cleaned away and a new one put into place. Because 5% of all thermostats are stuck in the closed position from the factory, each one should be manually opened using the hot water test to ensure it will operate once it is put in place on your engine.