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The spring loaded Ford thermostats might just be a basic component of your vehicle, but it plays a very important part in helping to keep your engine healthy over an extended period of time. The thermostat is mounted on the engine's coolant exit portal, generally near the top of the motor. The spring in the thermostat opens the valve when the ideal operating temperature is achieved in the coolant. This permits the flow of coolant out of your Ford engine and into the radiator for the dissipation of the captured heat. Each of the Ford thermostats that are in use today are the control device that keeps the engine at its optimum temperature so the best possible performance can be achieved for the driver. Without a thermostat operating properly or being stuck in the open position, the engine will be running too cool which will not only affect its overall performance but also not allowing the heater in the Ford passenger compartment to raise the temperature to a comfortable level in the winter time. The location of the thermostat on the engine can be located by following the upper coolant hose to where it is connected to the engine. Below that housing portal is its location where this temperature regulating device can be found. This spring activated coolant device not only malfunctions in the open position, but also in the closed position. When this occurs the engine will overheat in a very short period of time. So a Ford owner can drive their car or truck to a repair shop and have the thermostat replaced. It will have to be opened permanently, and that can be accomplished by jamming a screwdriver into it.

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