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The ability of the Honda Thermostat to control the temperature in the engine block is why this piece of machinery can be so efficient when it is operating. The controlling component of the thermostat is the bimetal spring that opens and closes the valve in this device on your Honda in accordance with the temperature of the coolant.

To locate the Honda thermostat the easiest is by tracing out the path of the top coolant hose. One end is connected to the radiator. The other end of this polymer hose is connected to the thermostat housing that is mounted to the engine block. Under the housing unit this temperature control device.

There are only three possible conditions the thermostat will be functioning at. There will be properly functioning by opening and closing at a predetermined temperature. It can also be failing by remaining closed all the time causing the engine to overheat. It can also be stuck open all the time preventing the Honda engine from obtaining the correct operating temperature for the maximum performance and fuel efficiency to be achieved.

If the valve is stuck closed it can be manually opened so the Honda can be driven to have the repairs done to it. This is accomplished by removing the coolant hose at the housing and jamming a screwdriver into the valve opening it permanently. This will render the thermostat into the same type of condition as if the valve was stuck open. If a replacement part is not installed when it is in this condition not only will the engine not be capable of performing at its maximum, but the heater in the passenger compartment will also not function properly. It is the temperature of the coolant that provides the heat for the passengers in the winter months of the year.

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