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If you are experiencing a decrease in engine performance on your car, truck, or SUV this situation could be due to a defective throttle switch. This malfunction can present itself in several different fashions. Your vehicle may experience a rough or high idle condition and in some situations it won't develop until the motor has had time to warm up. Engine surges are also common in the event that this device is not functioning correctly. This condition must be corrected in a timely manner to avoid more substantial issues such as poor acceleration and misfires. You will experience a huge increase in fuel consumption as well if the throttle switch is defective. When the combustion process of a motor is interrupted then excess wear to internal components will occur.

The throttle switch is a mechanical electrical device that communicates the throttle position to the vehicle's computer to control the acceleration process. This device is attached to the throttle body in most circumstances to monitor throttle plate movement. As the throttle opens the voltage signal from the switch to the computer will increase proportionally and the ECM will increase the fuel air mixture requirements accordingly. This is an essential component in the acceleration system of an engine because without this device functioning correctly the EMC cannot control the acceleration process.

Procedures for replacing a throttle switch will vary based on the configuration of the throttle body. You should obtain the applicable technical data for the car or truck you are working on to guide you through this process. It most situations you will be required to remove the throttle body from the engine. This procedure may also involve removing several other obstructions and components to facilitate the removal and installation of the switch assembly.

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