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Only with GMC tie rods will you have the ability to guide your truck where you desire it to travel. This is the steering component that actually moves the front wheel assemblies when the steering wheel is turned by the driver. There are two tie rods on every GMC truck that is being produced today, and four on some models built in the past. It is a simple component consisting of a ball joint at one end and threads on the other end. The ball joint is the portion of this steering component that tends to wear out over time. This wear can be slowed down if the tie rod is regularly inspected during a routine oil change and injected with grease when necessary. The location of your GMC tie rod is between the steering knuckle at each wheel and the rack and pinion or center link. It can be inspected and tested with the GMC truck on the pavement or lifted in the air. The inspection consists of grabbing onto the tie rod, moving it up and down, moving it side to side, and observing the amount of play. If you can move the ball joint in its socket at all, then replacement is certainly recommended. If it is not replaced, the ball joint could become dislodged from the socket when the GMC truck is moving causing the driver to lose control of the vehicle. When the tie rod is being replaced, the number of turns the threaded end requires should be noted. This not only connects the wheels to the rack, but is also the toe adjustment for the front wheel alignment. If your toe is out of specification, then excessive wear to the front tires will occur.

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