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Mercedes-Benz 190SL Tie Rod

Why you drive your 190SL.

Select Your VehicleIt's not a regular occurrence that you discover you need a replacement Tie Rod to repair your vehicle. You bought your 190SL because its a reputation for strength and German engineering appealed to your senses; so why would you be okay with second best when it comes to the highest quality auto parts? Auto enthusiasts appreciate the luxury built into each Mercedes-Benz, and understand that only the highest quality repair 190SL parts will suffice when your car or truck needs fixing. When your Mercedes-Benz 190SL rolled off the assembly line, it was destined for a person with discerning taste who prioritizes German engineering in their automobile.

What Tie Rod does for your vehicle.

If turning didn?t ever exist, then every road would be completely straight. That would take all the pleasure out of driving for Mercedes-Benz 190SL owners, and it would also mean that tie rods weren't necessary. Your vehicle?s tie rod ends connect the rack and pinion or center link to the .10, allowing the wheels to pivot and turn. If your Mercedes-Benz 190SL tie rod is broken, then your ability to steer is reduced and you will not be able to drive safely.

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