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It is the ball joint end of the Nissan tie rod that will wear out in time requiring this steering component to be in need of replacement. The other end of the tie rod has threads on it where it is screwed into the steering rack. These threads are where the toe adjustment for the front wheels is located. Worn out Nissan tie rods can be felt by a wobbling feeling in the steering wheel when the vehicle is traveling down the road. This wobble is from the play of the ball joint in the socket at the end of the tie rod that is connected to the spindle on your vehicle. This can be easily identified by the owner of the Nissan by grasping this part and observing the amount of play the ball has in the socket where it is placed. If the wear is extensive, the ball stud in the tie rod end could come out of the socket which will lead to no control over that front wheel and possible loss of control of the Nissan if it is travelling quickly enough. The replacement of a tie rod only requires a simple set of wrenches to accomplish this procedure. The time frame is less than an hour to replace both sides. The ball joint end is the easiest where the nut is removed and the new part put into place and tightened down. Removing the threaded end requires you to count the exact number of turns necessary to remove it, and to screw it in the same number of turns. This makes it possible to put the replacement part on your Nissan in or close to the same position as the old one so the toe setting for your front tires will not be adversely affected.

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