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Subaru Tie Rod

Great Subaru vehicles need great parts... obviously.

Tie Rod failure can make driving extremely inconvenient for even the most seasoned drivers. Qualities such as versatility and a fun driving experience are what make your vehicle special, which is possibly the reason why you drive one. If you find yourself in need of parts to fix your Subaru, then we're the place for you. When you drive a Subaru, you understand that vehicle maintenance is very important.

Finally... you are replacing your vehicle's Tie Rod.

Tie rods are used to make adjustments to the steering, alignment, and toe of your Subaru. Whether you have power steering that uses a rack and pinion or manual/parallelogram steering that uses a center or drag link, your tie rods still respond to your commands and send them to the front wheels. That not only lets you turn your Subaru left or right, but it also helps it handle bumps and potholes in the road without shaking your steering wheel too violently. Unfortunately, environmental damage can get the best of the metal and rubber components of your tie rod; necessitating replacement.

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