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It is the Honda Timing Belt Component Kit that refurbishes this section of your engine so the valves and crankshaft remain in sync with each other. These are engine components that cannot be seen from the exterior of the engine because they are part of the working mechanism that keeps the engine running.

The Honda timing belts component kits not only include the belt that connects the cam shaft to the crank shaft but also the gears and pulleys this system requires to engage properly. If any of these components have excessive wear on them and they are reused, the timing of your Honda engine could slip out of phase causing severe damage to it. This is why it is recommended that the timing belt component kits are used every 100,000 miles when the timing belt is scheduled to be replaced.

It is not possible for the existent of the wear of each of the components in the timing belt component kit to be known before the timing cover is pulled in most instances. This is because of the labor involved in removing all of the accessories on the front of the Honda engine to gain access to the timing cover itself. It is the recommendation by the manufacturer that the timing belt component kit be purchased because of the testing that was done on them by the Honda engineers. It is unlikely that they will last for another 100,000 miles without failing.

Before the use of the timing belt component kit is put into place, the engine should be placed in the top dead center position so the proper alignment of the cam and crankshaft can be assured. The components in the Honda Timing Belt Kit are all that is required for this recommenced 100,000 mile scheduled maintenance repair procedure. This will include not only a new polymer timing belt but for most Honda models the other components that are needed for each specific model.

One of the leading reasons for purchasing the timing belt kit instead of just the timing belt alone is this makes it easy for the person making the repair to have everything they might need when proceeding with this periodic maintenance repair on a Honda. For anyone who has every worked on a vehicle knows, going back to the auto parts store to retrieve a part that should have been purchased the first time is a little frustrating let alone time consuming. By purchasing the time belt kit, everything that will be required will already be present before you begin to disassemble the engine on your Honda.

In many of the Honda timing belt kits is the timing belt tensioner. This is the spring loaded component that keeps the belt snug against the two gears so there is no slop in the belt as it travels in its rotational pattern. On some selected models of Honda there is also a water pump and seals included in the timing belt kits.

The timing belt kits are an all inclusive set of components that are grouped together for a specific model. The engineers have made the newer engines so they are very compact and unless you have preformed this repair procedure on your vehicle before, you might be surprised at just what is behind the timing belt cover when you remove it.