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Contained in the Toyota Timing Belt Component Kit is all a person needs to complete the procedure of replacing the time belt. This is one of the periodical maintenance procedures that is done on a mileage basis just like changing of the oil.

The installation of the timing belt component kit should be scheduled when your Toyota is at or approaching the 100,000 mile mark. The reasoning for this is because of where the timing belt component kit will be used on your engine. Unlike the other belts on your Toyota that are visible, the timing belt is behind a cover on the front of the engine. Because of the labor and time required to inspect the timing belt, it is done on a mileage calculation.

Depending on the model the Toyota timing belt component kits contains the time belt along with the gears. The gasket to reseal the cover on the front of the engine is also present in the timing belt component kit. By having all of the necessary parts in the timing belt component kit, the technician or the owner will not have to make another trip to the auto parts store once the Toyota?s engine is torn apart for a replacement part.

If the timing belt is not replaced at this time, it could slip in either of the gears cause catastrophic damage to the engine and its components. This event would take the cam and crankshaft and place them out of sync with each other. The final result will be a valve colliding with a piston in the engine cause severe damage to it. This will dramatically increase the cost of repairing the engine.