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Unlike the other belts on your vehicle, the Honda timing belt is on the interior of your engine. This is the engine component that connects the crankshaft with the camshaft(s) to ensure they stay in sync with each other at all times.

A visual inspection of the timing belt requires the front portion of the Honda engine to be disassembled, and the timing and valve covers to be removed. There is a tensioner on this belt that once its adjustment has met its limit, the belt is sufficiently worn to require replacement. If this repair job is not done when required, the timing belt will become loose enough to slip on either the cam or crank shaft cause the timing of the engine to be off preventing it from running.

The replacement of the Honda timing belts requires the engine to be placed at top dead center. This can be done manually with the belt cover off. There are marks on both the cam and crankshaft to indicate this position of the components. Once this alignment is found and the engine positioned there, the old timing belt can be removed and the new one put into place on your Honda engine. Then the correct amount of tension has to be applied to the new belt and the engine reassembled.

Select Your ModelThe time period of a timing belt to wear out and be in need of replacement is roughly about 100,000 miles. Unlike other manufacturers that use chains for this engine component, the smacking of a lose timing chain will not be heard since the belt is made of a soft polymer which will make very little noise when it is lose. This is a repair procedure most Honda owners do not want to undertake since it involves a great deal of work and knowledge of the engine they are working on and repairing, but it is possible for them to do it.

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