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Timing Idler Gear Sprocket

Aftermarket & OEM Timing Idler Gear Sprocket

If you experience a decrease in the performance level of your car, truck, or SUV this condition may be due to a worn or defective timing idler gear. You may also acknowledge strange noises coming from the vicinity of the timing cover. Early detection of this malfunction is very important to avoid serious damage to the motor. When this device is worn or damaged the engine timing settings are affected and in some circumstances the chain or belt may break. When a chain or belt breaks the valves can be damaged requiring extensive repairs. Rebuilding a cylinder head is a huge project that can be avoided by replacing the timing idler gear immediately when a defect is identified.

The timing idler gear plays a key role in establishing and maintaining the appropriate timing settings. They are specifically designed to route the timing chain or belt appropriately and incorporate different configurations. They are constructed using various materials to meet application requirements. They can be made from metal with an integrated bearing to facilitate free movement and extend the life span of this device. In some situations they are mounted to the tensioner assembly based on the arrangement of the timing components. They can be incorporated specifically to route the chain or belt away from of obstacles as well.