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Chevrolet Transmission Filter

The changing of the Chevrolet transmission filter is not done as often as the one for the motor oil, but should still be on the regular maintenance schedule at about 35,000 miles. The transmission filter on your Chevrolet is only on models with automatic gear boxes. The manual transmission models do not have one. If the owner of a Chevrolet decides to undertake this procedure, be ready for a slight mess. The transmission pan does not have a plug and the fluid can only be removed by loosening the pan itself. Because of the weight of the fluid, loosening but not removing the pan bolts is recommended until most of the fluid has come out. Once the pan is removed, the transmission filter will be the plastic or metal object that protrudes from the housing on the bottom. It is only held in by friction so a simple tug will dislodge it. Part of the replacement the Chevrolet transmission filter is observing the fluid and any possible contents in the bottom of the pan. The small black particles are parts of the bands that have come off. In the bottom of the pan there is a magnet that collects the fine metal shavings. The magnet should be cleaned along with all other areas before the new transmission filter is put into place on your Chevrolet. If chunks of metal are found on the magnet, then you might have a problem in your transmission. Fine particles are normal but not chunks. If the routine maintenance of changing the transmission filter is not accomplished by the time the car has 100,000 miles, the transmission may become damaged. It might not engage into drive or slip when in motion. This is because the drive plates might have excessive wear on them and will then need replacing.

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