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Ford Transmission Filter

The often forgotten Ford transmission filter is a periodical maintenance part. If the transmission filter and oil is not changed every 30,000 miles or so, the grip of the clutch plates in the automatic transmission will prematurely wear over time. This will cause the drive gear to slip. Most Ford owners do not even realize there is a transmission filter on this component because there is no drain plug to remove the oil. The oil is removed by loosening the bolt holding the pan in place allowing the oil to seep out. Some repair shops that are equipped with torches just poke a hole in the bottom of the pan to drain the oil. With the pan removed the Ford transmission filter is exposed for inspection and removal. Inspection of the contents in the pan is required to determine the health of the transmission. While the transmission filter does remove many of the particulates that will be floating around in the oil, not all of them are caught. This includes the small black pieces which are part of the bands in the transmission. A few of these are normal but an excessive amount will indicate a transmission rebuild might be in order for your vehicle. The fine metal particles that collect around the magnet in the bottom of the pan are also normal. This is the wear from the clutch plates in the transmission on your Ford. The transmission filter is removed with a simple tug. When the pan and bottom of the transmission is cleaned of the old oil, the new filter can be put into place and the pan is bolted back onto the vehicle. When filling your Ford with new transmission fluid, make sure you check it. If the fluid from the torque converter is also drained, once started the fluid level will drop and more should be added.

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