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Transmission Kick Down Detent Cable

Aftermarket & OEM Transmission Kick Down Detent Cable

The transmission detent cable or kickdown cable is an important part of the transmission and power train in any automatic vehicle. This part works to shift the vehicle into higher or lower gear as throttle applications permit. It is very important to pick the correct length because this affects the ease of installation and also the speed at which the transmission will upshift or downshift. It may be too slow to shift or may lose power between shifts. Purchasing a new transmission detent cable will restore the original shift performance as intended by the car's engineers. This part connects to the throttle body of the carburetor and extends down to an arm that allows the transmission to shift gears. There are springs to help move the cable and return it to its original plans as it flexes to change gears. The springs can break or wear and so can the cable which can become kinked. Replacing this part can be simple or complicated depending on how it was placed in the vehicle. Some makes and models may have different cables available for it depending on the engine or the transmission used on the car. The cable is usually made from steel and connected with plastic clips or the aforementioned springs.

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