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Gaskets and seals similar to transmission pan gaskets are essential to maintain proper fluid levels in major components of our cars, trucks, and SUVs. Early detection is vital to avoid more expensive repairs such as rebuilding or replacing your automatic transmission. This malfunction may be discovered in several different ways. You might notice transmission fluid on the driveway or other places you park your vehicle that will alert you of this issue. When you are driving you may even notice a strange smell that could be fluid making contact with hot exhaust pipes burning it off. If you notice that your automatic transmission is not shifting smoothly or catching in lower gears longer than normal the fluid level is probably dangerously low and requires attention immediately. Transmission pans allow access to the automatic transmission filter that removes particles from the fluid as it circulates through the transmission that prevents damage. Keeping your transmission in serviceable condition is just as important as maintaining the engine properly. A properly running motor is not effective if the power cannot be transferred to the drive assembly and wheels to move the vehicle down the road. Minor repairs like replacing transmission pan gaskets will definitely be beneficial and prevent more expensive repair requirements.

Automatic transmission pan gaskets are made from different materials depending on the specific application and the structure of the components. The gasket is used to create a reliable seal between the transmission housing and the pan and the material is determined by the metals' composition. When the housing has a rough surface then cork would be best in this situation. If the housing has a smooth machined design, then rubber would provide the proper seal required between these components. Other factors such as pressure and heat need to be considered as well to determine the right transmission pan gasket used for each vehicle.

Transmission pan gasket replacement is a relatively simple procedure and is something you can accomplish in less than an hour on most automobiles.
  • Start by draining the transmission fluid from the drain plug. Unfortunately, some pans do not have one. If there isn't a drain plug, then you start by removing the pan that will release the fluid.
  • Removal of the pan assembly provides you with clear access to the transmission filter to facilitate the replacement of this component. If you're changing the pan gasket you should also change the transmission filter as preventive maintenance because you are already there.
  • If the gasket is worn and leaking, the filter hasn't been changed. Make sure you remove the old gasket completely before installation of the new one to create a proper seal to the transmission case.
  • After the new transmission pan gasket repair is finished you need to fill the transmission with fluid.

The quality of the new transmission pan gasket you install increases the integrity and reliability of your transmission. Proper transmission serviceability and function is something we depend on and our vehicles are one of the largest investments we make. Cars Parts Discount has an incredible inventory of all the parts you need to properly maintain this investment. CPD provides you with the best service and is an automotive super store that you can depend on to purchase transmission pan gaskets and much more at a reasonable price.