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If your car or truck is equipped with an automatic transmission and it is not functioning appropriately you should inspect the condition of the transmission pan. If this component is damaged then the proper operation of the tranny will be adversely affected creating issues. If the pan is dented then it will prohibit the required amount of fluid from circulating through the filter. This situation will also affect the capability on it to store an adequate amount of fluid. Insufficient fluid flow within the transmission will create premature wear or possible damage to internal components and lead to transmission failure at some point. Early detection of this malfunction and replacing the transmission pan will definitely be beneficial and prevent more expensive repair requirements.

Transmission pans are designed to meet the requirements of the transmission and will vary in size based on the required fluid capacity. They serve as a reservoir to store the fluid that is required to lubricate the internal components of the transmission. They are also a vital access point used to accomplished preventive maintenance and required repairs. This component is required to be a removable device to facilitate the removal and replacement process of the tranny filter assembly. They are also removed to accomplish the replacement of other internal components or to facilitate required adjustments to enhance transmission performance.

Replacing a transmission pan will require you to raise the vehicle and secure it with jack stands to create ample ground clearance to accomplish this mission. This situation creates an ideal opportunity for you to replace the filter because you will already have access to it when the pan is removed. You should clean the mounting surface thoroughly before installing the new gasket and pan to avoid the possibility of leaks.

When purchasing your new transmission pan it needs to be a quality OEM replacement that meets the requirements of the tranny. You should also purchase a new filter and gasket as well because you will have access to change it and it would be a good preventive maintenance measure. Car Parts Discount is a leader in the industry and offers quality automotive products that you can depend on to successfully accomplish all of your repairs.