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Aftermarket & OEM Trunk and Hatch Emblems

Exterior ornamentation is an important styling element on cars. Also known as badge, trunk lid or hatch emblems are important parts of the identity of the automobile. They work to advertise the car long after the vehicle has been sold. They tell the brand name, the model name as well as the trim level name. They may be alphanumeric codes giving an indication of the engine and options on the car. It can also be multicolored badges of the manufacturer. A trunk lid emblem is not required to drive a car but it is a nice part to have. Emblems can wear off or break or may even be stolen. This can leave a stain on the body or give the car an unfinished look which will hurt resale value.

Until the 1940s, it was virtually impossible to identify cars from the back. There were all squared off and maybe had a truck or spare. After World War II, stylists began to see the back of the car as just as important as the front and began giving each brand and model a distinct look. Automakers began placing the name of the brand and model on the backs of cars as well as emblems. They may come in different types of script and are usually chrome or grey. The emblems are usually mounted on the center of the hatch and can be elaborate designs.

Hatch and trunk lid emblems may be installed in different ways. Some may have tabs on the back that go through the body while others may stick on the back with adhesive. The emblem may come with grommets to hold it on. If you remove an old emblem, take the opportunity to thoroughly clean the area underneath it. Be sure to carefully measure and line-up the part so that is in the right place when you mount it.

We carry a limited selection of hatch emblems for different cars. In addition to genuine OEM emblems for some vehicles, we also carry aftermarket restoration ones form OER and Dynacorn. We may also have hood, grille and fenders emblems for your vehicle depending on the make and model. This all come with Car Parts Discount's low prices and great customer service. Treat your car to a fresh original look with new trunk lid emblems today.