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The security of your car or SUV is very important and to accomplish this task you need to have a properly functioning trunk lock. If you notice that your trunk on your vehicle is difficult to open it should be repaired as soon as possible. If not corrected at this point the issue will progress and as it does it may not open at all. This situation creates several frustrating situations because you can't put things in the trunk or remove belongings that are present. Frustration would reach an ultimate level if you were stuck along the side of the road with a flat tire. The opposite situation could also occur where the trunk will not latch completely and could pop open during vehicle operation. When a lock is not working and you force the trunk to close then other components may be damaged. Forcing a trunk to close can damage the hinges or the trunk lid depending on the design. Damage can lead to very costly repair requirements. We don't realize how much we rely on a trunk lock until they don't function like they should.

The design and functions of trunk locks has come a long ways over the years. They used to operate in only one way and that was to manually unlock them using a key. Now, you can still unlock them in that manner but we never do that because there are so many easier options available to us. They can be operated by switches located inside the vehicle right on the armrest or near it. They can also be unlocked by a keyless entry control on your key ring. The newest innovation is that vehicles will now unlock automatically when you approach them with the key in your pocket or purse.

Replacement procedures for trunk locks can require several different processes depending on the car or SUV that you are completing the repair on. The first challenge is if it is stuck in the closed position it will have to be opened. Some hatchback cars and SUV's may be equipped with a manual release cable in the spare tire well or similar location. You may want to consult a technical manual prior to removing panels to attempt to release it. Once the lid is opened you need to evaluate the mounting methods to determine the appropriate removal procedures. In most circumstances the complete latch assembly must be removed to replace the lock. You will be required to remove cables or electrical connections in most situations. After installing the trunk lock make sure that you lubricate all the moving parts.

When buying a trunk lock you may have some aftermarket options available depending on the vehicle. This may be an ideal opportunity to upgrade the locking mechanisms to keyless entry. Car Parts Discount will have all the possible options for you to select from including OEM and aftermarket options. CPD provides quality replacement parts with customer service second to none. Weather buying a trunk lock or any other parts you require to complete preventive maintenance and repairs on all your vehicles they will have what you need at a reasonable price with immediate delivery.