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If you notice that the engine in your car, truck, or SUV has lost its performance quality you may have an issue with the valves requiring adjustment and new valve adjustment shims. There are several indications of improper valve adjustment and it must be corrected to avoid extensive damage to the motor. If you hear a taping noise coming from the valve cover of your engine then the cylinder valves need adjusted to eliminate this issue before the valves are damaged. When the valves are not at the exact clearance required you may notice increased oil consumption and smoke coming from the exhaust. Another indicator is increased fuel consumption and fuel dripping from the exhaust pipe. If this situation is not corrected immediately then the situation will progress and the number of components that may be affected is huge. This affects the valves, valve springs, and every other device associated with cylinder head operation. Your catalytic converter may become restricted and the list goes on and on. Adjusting the valves by obtaining the right clearance with new valve adjustment shims is a much less complicated process than a complete cylinder head rebuild. Minor repairs completed in a timely manner can save you a lot of money.

Valve adjustment shims vary in thickness to achieve the specific valve clearance for proper engine operation and performance. They control the amount of clearance between the stem of the intake and exhaust valves and the camshaft. This enables the valves to open and close exactly when required to achieve proper combustion. Valve adjustment shims facilitate valve movement and valve seating which must be precise for the motor to function properly. Intake and exhaust valves need to be in sync with the piston movement for proper engine performance and there is absolutely no room for error in this process.

Replacing valve adjustment shims varies depending on the type of engine you are working on and the valve configuration. Adjustment shims are most commonly used under the bucket. You need to remove the valve cover and measure the clearance of all of the valves individually because they will vary. To select the shims correctly you need to first know your current amount of clearance. You also need to know the required clearance for the intake valves and the exhaust valves because they are normally different. You must have special tools to accomplish shim removal and replacement. In most cases you need a tool to compress the bucket and another tool to hold the bucket in place while replacing the shim. You need to obtain the specific procedures for your engine from a technical manual or online resource to guide you through the process correctly.

When purchasing internal engine parts like valve adjustment slims the integrity of your engine is at stake. Internal engine parts are very critical and must meet or exceed OEM standards for that motor with no exceptions. Without a dependable engine you don't have dependable transportation for you and your family. Car Parts Discount can provide you with quality internal engine components to successfully accomplish any required repairs. CPD is the right source for buying valve adjustment shims or any parts you require to perform quality preventive maintenance and repairs on all of your vehicles.