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Aftermarket & OEM Valve Spring Retainer Keeper

If you notice that the engine in your car, truck, or SUV has lost its performance quality you may have a malfunction due to a defective valve spring retainer. There are several indications unsecured valve springs and it must be corrected to avoid extensive damage to the motor. If you hear a taping noise coming from the valve cover of your engine then one of the cylinder valves is not functioning appropriately. A defective valve spring retainer affects the ability of the valve assembly to function properly. If not corrected as soon as possible and replaced then severe damage to the cylinder heads and associated parts will occur. Valves springs must be secured correctly or the associated valve will malfunction causing a misfire condition to occur.

Valve spring keepers can be constructed utilizing several different materials or a combination of materials. Their purpose is to secure valve springs and valves in place to facilitate the function of intake and exhaust valves in an engine assembly. Valve must function precisely to achieve the intake and exhaust process for combustion within the motor. All cylinders require a minimum of two valves to function, one for intake and one for exhaust. In some situations on newer motors they will have four valves consisting of two for intake and two for exhaust which increases performance.

When replacing valve spring retainers you must have specific technical data for your engine prior to beginning this procedure. You will also require some special tools to complete this task correctly. The engine design determines the difficulty level and there are several variables. Overhead cams may need to be removed on some engines. When performing this procedure you should always replace the valve cover gasket and complete an oil change on the vehicle.

When buying internal engine components like valve spring keepers they need to meet the specific specifications required for the engine you are installing them in. Car Parts Discount can provide you with quality internal engine components to successfully accomplish any required repairs. CPD is the right source for buying any parts you need to perform quality preventive maintenance and repairs on all of your vehicles.