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Several components work in conjunction to allow your engine to function properly and one of those are valve springs. They are essential to the performance process of the motor in your car truck, or SUV. Weak or worn valve springs are often diagnosed incorrectly as an ignition or fuel issue. When they are defective the engine may have a misfire similar to an ignition problem. The acceleration process is also affected which is common to fuel supply issues. Valve springs are subject to extensive heat and rapid movement that reduces the amount of tension they produce over time. This affects overall engine performance and is most noticeable at higher RPM because the stress on them is increased causing them to fail. The spring tension is required to seat the valves completely and must be adequate to achieve proper combustion. Defective valve springs will affect the ability of other internal engine components to function properly. If not corrected as soon as possible and replaced then severe damage to the cylinder heads and associated parts will occur. Valve springs will break at some point and if this is permitted to occur then the potential damage that can be created is huge.

Cylinder head valve springs control the intake and exhaust of an engine during operation by providing adequate tension. Depending on engine design each cylinder has at least one valve to control intake and one valve to control exhaust. A lot of newer motors will have four valves consisting of two for intake and two for exhaust. Every valve depends on the valve spring to function correctly and there is no room for error. Most engines have two sets of valve springs because exhaust and intake tension requirements are different. They will have an exhaust set and an intake set and they cannot be interchanged.

When replacing valve springs you must obtain specific technical data for your engine prior to beginning this procedure. Technical manuals are available at book stores and through online resources. You will also require some special tools to complete this task correctly. The engine design determines the complexity level and there are a lot of variables. Overhead cams may require removal on some motors making it a little more labour intensive. The number of valves definitely affects the completion time of this process. Motors designed with rocker arms and push rods are actually pretty easy and in most cases they only have two valves per cylinder. Every application is different and that's why specific technical data is so important. Before installing the valve covers you need to insure that no debris is present. When performing this procedure you should always install new valve cover gaskets and complete an oil change on the vehicle.

When purchasing internal engine components like valve springs they need to meet the specific specifications required for the engine you are installing them in. The springs are required to have the exact tolerance level to function properly. Car parts discount has all of the options available for you. They stock OEM valve springs for nearly every engine there is and they also have aftermarket performance parts if you want to increase your engine's performance a notch or two. CPD offers the best prices and extremely fast delivery for your convenience.