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Mini Vapor Canister Purge Solenoid Valve

You relish wrenching on your Mini.

If a Vapor Canister Purge Solenoid Valve is faulty it can translate into a really unpleasant experience for almost anyone. Seeing that you have passion for a Mini, you should recognize that maintaining it trouble free is crucial. If you find yourself stranded and are in need of parts to fix your Mini, then you've come to the right place. Qualities such as a reputation for performance and European styling are what make your vehicle special, which is possibly driving your passion for it.

Don't forget about issues with the Vapor Canister Purge Solenoid Valve in your vehicle.

There are some emissions control devices in your Mini that provide protection against hydrocarbon pollution and reduce the risk of explosion. One of those is the vapor canister purge solenoid, and you can usually find it mounted next to the gas tank. It is responsible for venting pressure that would normally build up inside the tank and sending it to the intake rather than into the atmosphere. Without your Mini vapor canister purge solenoid, you may literally be driving around in a ticking time bomb.

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