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Acura Water Pump

It is the Acura Water Pump that provides the means in which the coolant will circulate in and out of your engine. The water pump receives its power from the centrifugal motion from the drive belts system on your Acura.

There are only 5 components of the Acura water pump. There is the housing, shaft, impellor, pulley and the seal for the where shaft leaves the housing. It is the seal on the shaft at the edge of the housing unit that will wear out in time from being used on your Acura. When this seal starts to leak, coolant will begin to leak out of the hole in the bottom of the housing unit of the water pump and a puddle will form under your vehicle.

On most models, the hole and the associated leak on the water pump cannot be directly observed because of the other engine components blocking the visual access. This includes but not limited to the harmonic balancer. The only other possible place for a leak to occur is where the lower coolant hose is connected to the pump. Once this location is confirmed not to be the leak, the pump leaking will then be confirmed on your Acura.

The most difficult part of the repair procedure involving the removal and replacement of the water pump is gaining access to it. Since it is on the front of the engine block, all of the accessories in front of it and the drive belts must first be removed. Once the pump is taken off, it is vital that all of the old gasket material to also be removed so the new pump can be successfully sealed to the front of the engine preventing and possible coolant leak.

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