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Select Your VehicleWhen your BMW X5 left the factory, it was destined for a driver who values European styling in their automobile. Your BMW dealership isn't the only place to buy genuine or original equipment quality parts to repair your X5. Anyone who owns a BMW knows that when it comes to repairing their car, truck, or SUV only the highest quality replacement parts will do. It's not every day that you realize that you have to buy a replacement Water Pump to fix your automobile.

Don't go too long without fixing your Water Pump... here's why.

Your BMW X5 has a water-cooled motor, and at the heart of that engine is the water pump. It rotates in-sync with the crankshaft via a belt that connects pulleys on each part. Along with the thermostat, coolant hoses, and radiator core, your BMW X5 water pump continuously recirculates the water and ethylene glycol mixture throughout hoses and passages in the engine block and cylinder head; keeping operating temperatures down below the boiling point. If it fails, then coolant will boil and your engine will be ruined.

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