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The Buick water pump on your car is required to keep the coolant flowing through the engine so the proper temperature can be maintained and peak performance of the engine can be achieved. All water pumps on Buick models are located on the front of the engine and receive their power from the serpentine belt located there. The only part that can fail on a water pump requiring it to be replaced is the bearing seal on the shaft that extends outward from the front of the pump. This seal fails on your Buick because of 2 main reasons. The first is that over time the bearing just wears out. This is generally after at least 50,000 miles or more. The second reason for a failure of the seal on the water pump mounted on your Buick engine is because the coolant hasn?t been properly lubricating it for an extended period of time. The only reason for the lubricant in the coolant to be low is due to a leak in your cooling system, and the missing anti freeze coolant has been replaced with water. For short periods of time this is acceptable, but the replacing of the water with the correct percentage of coolant is recommended as soon as possible. This way the seal of your Buick water pump will not prematurely wear. When this seal loses it integrity, a small dribble of coolant will be visible from the hole in the bottom front of the water pump. This hole is obstructed from view by the pulley mounted at the end of the shaft but a puddle of coolant will form under the car on the pavement that can be noticed and indicate there is a problems for the owner of the car to address.

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