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The flow of coolant through an engine is created by the Chrysler Water Pump at a constant amount. This is an engine component that can be located on the center front of all Chrysler motors.

The moving part in the water pump that creates the circulation of the coolant through the engine is the impeller. It is mounted on a shaft that goes through the front of the water pump's housing. This shaft has a pulley on its end and how it receives the centrifugal power to rotate the impeller. As the shaft leaves the housing there is a polymer seal in place to prevent the coolant from leaking out when the shaft is rotating.

It is this seal that will eventually fail on your Chrysler water pump making the need for it to be replaced. The owner of the Chrysler will know this seal is leaking when they can locate a coolant leak under the front section of their engine. The coolant will be coming from a small hole on the underside of the pump that might be hidden by the pulley on the end of the impeller shaft. In most instances the coolant on the harmonic balance is a positive indication of this coolant component failing.

The replacement of the water pump on your Chrysler engine is not a complicated procedure, but it is time consuming. Most of the time spent on this repair is the removal of the components that are situated near or above this coolant component. Once they are removed access to the water pump can be made so the repair procedure can be completed easily. Then the replacement of the removed components has to be done before the vehicle is ready for operational service again.