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Dodge water pumps have changed in their appearances over the years, but not their function. Its only job is to make the coolant circulate into the engine then to the radiator so a consistent level of temperature in the engine can be maintained. The Dodge water pump is located in the front of the engine in the center. It is one of the components that are powered by the drive and serpentine belts. It draws the coolant from the radiator using the lower hose. Following this hose is how a Dodge owner can locate their water pump. The outlet of the water pump is to the engine and cannot be seen visually from the exterior of the motor. The part of the water pump that fails the most often on your Dodge is the seal located on the shaft that the pulley and the impeller are connected to. When this seal fails, coolant will emerge from a small hole in the bottom of the pump. On most engines this leak cannot be visually seen because it is hidden behind the pulley driving this component. If there is a leak present, a Dodge owner will notice it in the center front portion of their engine on the pavement where their vehicle is parked. If the seal on the water pump totally fails, the impeller will not be able to turn or supply your engine with coolant. On older models with radiator fans on this pulley, the fan could be driven into the radiator causing more damage. Replacement of this auto part on older models is generally done by the owner, but today with all of the additional components that will have to be removed to get to this pump, most are now done in an authorized repair shop but some owners are still capable of completing this task.