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The Ford water pump is a mechanism that provides the means for the coolant to flow through your engine, helping to maintain a constant temperature for it to operate in. Since there are no air cooled Ford motors, all of them have a water pump on them. The location of all Ford water pumps is on the center front of the engine. There is an inlet where the lower coolant hose is connected and the shaft protruding from it has a pulley on it which is driven by the belt system on the engine. On the inside of the water pump connected to the same shaft as the pulley is the impeller. This is the part that actually creates the current for the coolant to flow. At the housing just before the impeller is a seal that is used to keep the coolant in the pump. This is the component on the water pump that will fail over time on your Ford vehicle. When the seal begins to leak a coolant stream will appear at a small port on the bottom side of the pump. The pulley generally obstructs the view of this section on the pump but a puddle forming under the vehicle can clearly been seen on the pavement. The replacement of this cooling component is simple; the most difficult part of this procedure is gaining access to it on the newer engines. When replacing the water pump on your Ford engine make sure the areas where the gasket is to be applied is free of all foreign matter. This has to include oil, grease and old gasket material. This will make it possible for the new gasket to form a water tight seal.

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