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The circulation created by the Honda water pumps is what maintains the correct temperature for your engine to perform at is optimum level. This is the engine component that is connected to the radiator via a lower radiator hose. The water pump on your Honda engine might not be visible to a person inspecting the engine; since it is on the front of the engine block which is generally covered by pulleys and the radiator shroud. The only portion of a water pump that will fail over time is the seal on the shaft that it receives its centrifugal power from. When this seal fails, coolant will begin to leak out of the hole in the bottom of the water pump. This leak is generally not possible to see other that the formation of a puddle on the payment below the pump. The replacement of the Honda water pump has become more complicated over the years with the addition of more sensors and emission control devices that are now on the new Honda engines, but is still a strait forward procedure. The most critical part of the water pump replacement procedure is the cleaning of the engine block so a good seal can be obtained by the new component. If the water pump is not replaced when it begins to leak and coolant or water is just added to the engine to compensate for its lose, eventually the shaft on which the seal is on will totally fail and the belt will become disengaged on the front of the Honda engine. This will then have an end result of the car becoming stranded where it occurs and the need for a tow truck will be required.

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