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The flow generated by the Mazda water pumps is the force behind the cooling system on your vehicle. This is one of the auxiliary components on your Mazda that absolutely must be functioning correctly for the engine to operate. The location of the water pump on your Mazda engine can be easily found by following the bottom radiator hose to where it is connected to the engine block. This is the intake portal of the water pump. The coolant is then pumped into the block where it can absorb the heat that the engine is producing. The most common malfunction of the Mazda water pump is when the seal on the impeller shaft fails. This failure is in the form of a coolant leak that will then produce a stream of coolant. This is most evidently visible when coolant is coming out of the small weep hole in the bottom of the water pump just under the shaft. Because of all the other components on the front of the engine, this leak might only be noticed once it accumulates on the pavement below the vehicle. The replacement of the water pump is a straight forward procedure. No special tools are required, but gaining access often requires the removal of many large and important engine parts to gain access to the pump. Disassembling and reassembling all of those components often poses the greatest challenge. Because of its location, the replacement of the water pump is an awkward process for most technicians. The most critical part of this procedure is the scraping of the engine block to remove all of the old gasket material. Once completed the reassembling of the front section of your Mazda engine can commence and the leak in your cooling system will then be repaired.

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