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The circulating power of the Mitsubishi Water Pump is unsurpassed in its ability to move the collant in and out of your engine. The impellor and the shaft it is on are the only moving components of the water pump that is mounted on your Mitsubishi.

The water pump is mounted to the front section of the engine. The shaft that the impellor is attached to protrudes through the housing on the front side. This is where the pulley is attached so this coolant component can be powered. Where the shaft goes through the housing is a polymer seal. This is the specific component on your Mitsubishi water pump that fails requiring it to be in need of replacement.

When this polymer seal on the water pump begins to fail, the coolant will begin to leak out of small hole in the bottom of the housing unit. On most Mitsubishi models, this hole is obstructed from view by the pulley on the pump and the harmonic balancer. The only other possible source of a coolant leak in this section of the engine is from the lower coolant hose that is attached to the intake portal of the coolant pump. Once that has been checked and it has been determined it is not the source of the coolant leak, then the coolant pump should be scheduled for replacement.

The part of the procedure that is the most difficult is the gaining access to the water pump. This component is on the engine block which requires the drive belt assembly and its accessories to be removed before access is possible. Once this is done on your Mitsubishi, the replacement of the coolant pump only requires a few minutes.

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