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The basic design of Oldsmobile water pumps has not changed for over half a century. It is hard to improve on a component that is as reliable and dependable as this water pressure building device has proven to be over time. The Oldsmobile water pumps are constructed of metal except for the seal on the impellor shaft that holds the water in this engine component when the shaft is spinning. This seal is made out of a high wear polymer that will perform its duty for many years. In time it will fail, and cause the water pump to be in need of being replaced. The only indication that the seal on the water pump mounted to your Oldsmobile engine is failing is with the presence of a coolant leak. This coolant leak will be noticeable from the small hole in the bottom of the water pump just below the impellor shaft. This leak cannot be seen from looking at the Oldsmobile engine from under the hood. An inspector must get under the vehicle and look up. The only reason to do this is if there is a puddle of coolant under the vehicle that corresponds to the front center section of the engine. The replacement of the water pump on the front of your Oldsmobile engine is an easy procedure. The most difficult part of it is actually being able to get to the pump. This engine component is on the block. Because of the compact space the modern engine compartment has developed into, space is at a premium and there are many parts that are above this pump that have to be removed to gain access to it. It could take all day to do the job on some cars.

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