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Oldsmobile Jetstar I Water Pump

Why you drive your Jetstar I.

Obviously, you didn't buy your Jetstar I unless you wanted to buy strength and American style both impeccably combined into one car, truck, or SUV. You purchased your Jetstar I because its high-value and a trusted name agreed with your nature; so why would you settle for second rate when it comes to great quality auto parts? It's not every day that you discover you need a replacement Water Pump to fix your automobile. Your Oldsmobile dealership isn't the only place to locate the highest quality parts to repair your Jetstar I.

What Water Pump does for your vehicle.

Your Oldsmobile Jetstar I has a liquid-cooled engine, and at the heart of that engine is the water pump. It rotates in-sync with the crankshaft via a belt that connects pulleys on each part. Along with the thermostat, coolant hoses, and radiator core, your Oldsmobile Jetstar I water pump continuously recirculates a mixture of water and coolant throughout hoses and passages in the engine block and cylinder head; keeping it operating at a manageable, pre-determined temperature. If it fails, then the coolant temperature will soar and your engine block or cylinder head will crack.

You've tried the rest, now try the best.

Select Your YearBring your Jetstar I back to life with the best repair parts from the experts at Car Parts Discount. Don't let a Water Pump repair bring about the demise of your car, truck, or SUV, and don't risk lowering its resale value by buying anything but the best repair parts. At Car Parts Discount, we have real customer support agents on the phone with enough expertise to help you buy the appropriate Oldsmobile Jetstar I part for your project or repair. If your car or truck was built in 1965, then you will find the correct Oldsmobile Jetstar I Water Pump parts right here.

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Oldsmobile Jetstar I Gates Engine Water Pump, OEM: GAT 43120/GAT43120
Gates Engine Water Pump
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OEM: GAT 43120, Item: 244050
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Oldsmobile Jetstar I, 7.0L 6966CC 425Cu. In. V8