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The replacement of the Plymouth Water Pump and the easy of the procedure is determined by the model and year your vehicle is. On the older Plymouths with the reliable slant six under the hood, the replacement of the water pump can only take an hour or so if the technician is experienced. The more modern engines have so many environmental and pollution control devices on them that it might take an hour just to disassemble the accessories granting access to the pump.

The location of the water pump on your Plymouth engine can easily be traced out by following the lower coolant hose from the radiator to the engine block. The connection on the engine block is the water pump. The moving part on this engine component that can fail only includes the seal on the impellor shaft. When this seals fails, coolant will begin to drip out of the hole in the bottom of the housing unit containing the pump. The longevity of this seal is determined on the frequency of the coolant being changed and its age. In most instances with an annual changing of the coolant will prolong the life of this seal considerably.

When the Plymouth water pump does fail and is in need of being replaced, the procedure is very simple. There are no electrical devices connected to it only the drive belt system that has to be disassembled to gain access to it. The most critical part of the water pump replacement procedure is the cleaning of the engine block so a new seal where the pump comes in direct contact with the Plymouth engine is possible. If any of the old gasket is permitted to remain, a leak will occur requiring the procedure to be done again.

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