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With the flow from the Toyota water pumps circulating the coolant through the engine block, a constant temperature can be easily maintained. This is the coolant component that is driven by the polymer drive belt on the front of the engine. The seal on the shaft that creates the circular motion of the water pump is the only component on this auto part that will show any signs of wear; causing the pump on your Toyota to fail in time. This seal has a limited life span, and when it begins to fail coolant starts to leak. This leak can be noticed by coolant exiting the small hole on the underside of the water pump housing unit where the shaft protrudes from the main housing structure. The Toyota owner will more than likely first notice a problem because of a puddle of coolant under their vehicle. To observe the hole in the bottom of the Toyota water pump, the inspector must get under the vehicle and look upwards in the front section of the engine. Because of all the other components in this area of the engine, a coolant leak at the front of the engine is generally just diagnosed as a leaking water pump. Like most procedures on the modern engines, the replacement of the water pump will entail the removal of many other components just to gain access to it. While this is time consuming, it is not complicated. The removal of the drive belts and the radiator shrouds just take time, but are easy to complete. As long as the Toyota owner remembers what they remove and in what order, this repair procedure can be completed in less than an afternoon.

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