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Chevrolet Weatherstripping & Seals

There is Chevrolet Weatherstripping on nearly every component that is on the exterior of the passenger cabin so dust, debris and moisture is prevented from entering the cabin. The seals can be observed by looking for the black polymer components that are present anywhere there is an opening like the door on your Chevrolet.

There are also numerous seals on the body of your Chevrolet that protect the components on the inside of the shell of the body from the exterior elements so they can last longer on your vehicle. These components include but not limited too the body panel seals and bumper seals. There is even a radiator core support seal.

The basic reason for the installation of the Chevrolet weatherstripping is to protect parts from the elements but they also have a secondary purpose. Because the joints of metal to metal connections are cushioned by the polymer seals, they are also quieter when the vehicle is moving. This makes the trips taken in your Chevrolet more enjoyable for the driver and passengers.

For the many owners of older Chevy's the purchasing of a weatherstripping kits is advantageous to do. These kits include all of the different polymer seals and weatherstripping necessary to completely seal the passenger cabin back to what it was like when it was new.

Not only can you find and purchase seal kits but also all of the individual ones for your vehicle. This way if just one piece is worn out or has been damaged, you can replace it restoring the appearance and function of your vehicle once again.

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