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The ability of the Chevrolet Wheel Hub and Bearing to withstand the weight of the vehicle and still rotate with a minimum amount of friction is what makes it possible to literately roll down the road.

As the name of this component indicates the wheel is attached to the wheel hub and bearing. The lubrication for these moving parts is ball bearing grease. The application of the grease along with an inspection of the wheel hub and bearing should be done during a routine brake job when it is being performed on your Chevrolet.

Unless the Chevrolet wheel hub and bearing are not lubricated, they should last the lifetime of your vehicle. If this occurs, the driver will become fully aware of the lack of lubrication by a load squealing sound coming from the wheel. This is the overheating of the metal to metal contact being made in the wheel hub and bearing. If swift action to rectify this condition is not taken by the Chevrolet owner, the wheel will lock up bring the vehicle to an abrupt stop.

The lubrication of the wheel hub and bearing during a brakes job is one of the most common ways for these roller bearings to become damaged. This is when an inexperienced technician over tightens the locking nut that holds the bearings in place. Once the bearings are smashed, that same high pitched squealing sound will be heard when the Chevrolet is first moved. The only way to resolve this condition is the replacement of the damaged components.

If the owner is attempting this lubricating procedure for the first time, many repair experts recommend hand-tightening the locking nut, and then with a wrench tighten the nut an additional quarter turn. According to professional mechanics, this should be sufficient force to hold these components in place.

It is the Chevrolet Wheel Hub and Wheel Bearing that supports the entire weight of your vehicle while still making it possible for it to roll down the road with a minimal amount of resistance. The wheel hub is located in the center section of the each wheel assembly. The Chevrolet wheel bearings and races are inside of the wheel hubs and is the actual component that the spindles and axles come in contact with on your Chevrolet.

To help make the wheel bearings last the longest time possible they should be regularly lubricated on your Chevrolet. This lubrication is done with ball bearing grease. The most common time for the packing of these bearings with grease is during a routine brake job. This is when the wheel assembly is taken apart and no additional labor is really required for this procedure to be performed on your vehicle. It is only scheduled for bearings that are on wheel assemblies that are utilizing the disc brake system or are on the front of a vehicle. If your vehicle has rear disc brakes it is also preformed on them. If you have drum brakes on the rear of your vehicle, the bearings are lubricated by the gear oil that lubricates the differential and axle.

The danger of not keeping the bearings lubricated, independent of their location or type of braking system you have on your Chevrolet is that the wheel hub will become overheated when the bearings are not lubricated. This is due to the buildup of heat from the friction created by the bearing moving under the extreme load of the vehicle that is placed upon them. This could cause the wheel to seize up unpredictably.