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With the Dodge Wheel Hub and Bearings properly greased, your vehicle will be capable of literally rolling down the highway. It is the four wheel hub and bearing on which the wheels and tires on your Dodge are physically mounted too.

The only thing that can damage the wheel hubs and bearings is the lack of lubricate in the bearings which causes the wheel hubs to be heated up. This can cause the shape of the hub to change interfering with the smooth rolling action of the bearings.

To help keep the wheel hubs and bearings operational, the bearings should be repacked with fresh ball bearing grease during each routine brake job that is preformed on your Dodge. This is a procedure many of the smaller shops no longer do automatically. The slight extra charge of having the wheel hubs and bearings packed with fresh grease is well worth the price and peace of mind the owner will have when traveling in their vehicle.

On all front wheels assemblies there is a pair of Dodge wheel hubs and bearings that should be repacked with grease. On rear wheel drive vehicles, the wheel bearing is lubricated by the gear oil from the differential and the repacking of it with grease is not done. If you have a front wheel driven Dodge, then there are bearings in the rear that should be packed with fresh ball bearing grease.

If this simple maintenance procedure is ignored, the bearings will dry up and overheat. The owner of the vehicle will become aware of this when a load screeching sound is heard coming the wheel hub assemblies. By that time damage has already occurred to the bearings and replacement will be required.