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Your Honda wheel hub and bearings support the entire weight of the vehicle whether you are moving or not. There is a set of these on each of the wheels on your vehicle. The wheel hub and bearings on a car or truck with disc brakes will often contain an inner and outer bearing. For wheels with a drum brake system on them there is only an inner wheel bearing. Almost all newer vehicles have a unitized assembly with the bearing and hub all pressed into one complete unit. The lubrication of each type of Honda wheel hub and bearing is also different. The wheel hub and bearings that are on a disc brake wheel assembly are lubricated with ball bearing grease. The ones located on a drum style of braking system are lubricated by the gear oil from the rear differential. This drum style is only found on the rear of Honda's today, it at all. The drum style requires no maintenance but the ones located on the disc brakes require periodic greasing. This occurs when a routine brake procedure is being carried out on the Honda. The wheel hub and bearings on the drum style of wheel assembly only become worn and in need of replacing when the differential fluid is at a low level for an extended period of time. On a disc brake system, they can be damaged if not regularly greased or if they become smashed when being reassembled. Either way, when the wheel hub and bearings are bad they make a high pitched screeching noise that is easy to hear and recognize. It this situation is not corrected very soon when the noise is heard, the Honda will not be able to roll down the road because the bearings will seize up and refuse to turn.