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The entire weight of your vehicle rests on the Hyundai wheel hub and bearing. These hidden parts are the actual component that makes it possible to move down the road with the least amount of friction. There are four wheel hub and bearing sets on your Hyundai car. The periodic maintenance of these parts is scheduled to occur during a routine brake job. This is when access to them is made easy since the wheel hub is already exposed. There is a dust cover that has to be removed exposing the retaining castellated nut and cotter pin. Take notice to the amount of tension the nut is on with because it will have to be replaced to the same specification. The wheel hub and bearings can then be removed and the races where the bearing sides should be inspected for scarring and wear. If all looks normal, then repacking of grease in the bearing should occur. If the rollers in the bearing seem to be loose to any degree, replacement of them is recommended. The warning signs a failing wheel hub and bearing set on your Hyundai is the screeching sound coming from the wheels. This can be either no grease on the bearing or the bearing being smashed. The Hyundai wheel hubs and bearings are made to last the life time of the vehicle just as long as they are properly lubricated with grease. The only danger of them becoming damaged is when the wheel hub and bearings are being placed back on the Hyundai vehicle. This is when the retaining nut torqued down too much on the bearing, smashing it. The best way to prevent this is to screw the nut on by hand until it is snug up against the bearing, then a quarter turn with a wrench. While not a lot of torque is required, the nut will remain in place because of the cotter pin.