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Mercedes-Benz GL450 Wheel Hub & Bearing

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Select Your VehicleYour Mercedes-Benz dealership isn't the only place to locate genuine or original equipment quality parts to repair your GL450. You bought your GL450 because its a reputation for strength and German engineering agreed with your nature; so why would you settle for second best when it comes to great quality auto parts? Mercedes-Benz vehicle owners have grown accustomed to a certain level of performance when driving their GL450 around town. Auto enthusiasts appreciate the luxury built into each Mercedes-Benz, and know that only the highest quality repair GL450 parts will suffice when repairs are needed.

Why Wheel Hub & Bearing replacement is so important.

In the earliest forms of transportation, it was realized that the wheel would turn much more efficiently if some friction was reduced at the space where it rotated. Believe it or not, your Mercedes-Benz GL450 benefits from the inventions that date back about 5,000 years such as the axle and wheel hub. The wheels are bolted to the wheel hub assembly; providing them with a flat surface that rotates with as little friction as possible. Since half of your Mercedes-Benz GL450 wheel hub bolts to the wheel carrier while the other half rotates, it requires a tapered roller-type wheel bearing be pressed into it. On some advanced wheel hub assemblies, the ABS ring and sensor will be installed.

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