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All the weight of the vehicle rests on the four Toyota wheel hubs and bearings. These auto parts are made to withstand this heavy load just as long as they are properly lubricated. This lubrication is accomplished with ball bearing grease on the front and gear oil in the rear of the Toyota. Between the wheel hub and the bearing, it is only the bearings that should show any signs of wear over the time they are used on the vehicle. The wheel hub is the component where the bearing recesses are set into so the bearings have a smooth surface in which to rotate. On most Toyota vehicles built today, the wheel hubs and bearings should last the life time of the vehicle. The only two ways wheel hubs and bearings can be damaged are when they are being installed or if they are not being greased or lubricated regularly. If the retaining nut smashes the bearings in the wheel hub, excessive heat will build up causing the wheel to freeze. This can also occur if the bearing is not lubricated with grease on a regular basis. If this occurs to your Toyota's wheel hub and bearings, replacement is the only solution. The inspection of the wheel hub and bearings should be a part of your brake job when it is carried out on your Toyota. If you are not sure this is being done, ask your technician about it. If you do your own brake jobs, you should look for any discoloration in the bearings or the recesses. This is an indication that the wheel hub or bearing had been exposed to excessive heat levels for an extended period of time.