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Can you drive with missing lug nuts?

One situation that can happen when you're driving down the road is to have a tire become loose or actually come off from the vehicle; wheel lug nuts prevent this from happening. Early detection is essential in this situation to insure proper safety for yourself and your passengers. You should visually inspect the lug nuts for signs of wear or damage on a reoccurring basis because you may be able to do some preventive maintenance to avoid extensive damage or possible injury. Corrosion is one of the lug nut's worse enemies because it can destroy them over time if not eliminated at the first sign. The most inappropriate time to find out that you have neglected these devices is when you are sitting at the side of the road with a missing tire. You may not be able to remove the nuts, or you could possibly cause damage to the wheel lugs or wheels. Most wheels on cars, trucks, and SUV's are of alloy construction, which is damaged easily and very expensive to replace. Wheel lug nuts need to be inspected and replaced as soon as a serviceability issue is discovered.

Form and function of wheel lug nuts.

New Wheel Lug NutsWheel lugs nuts fasten the wheel to the lugs, ensuring the security of the tires. They come in all shapes and sizes to fit specific applications. Older vehicles used to actually have different lug nuts depending on their location. The lugs on the right side of the vehicle were threaded right handed and the ones on the left side were left handed, which was common on Mopars up to about 1980. Newer custom wheels have eliminated this requirement, so many different designs and even colors are available to meet each application specifically and enhance the appearance of your automobile.

Replace them yourself.

The replacement of wheel lug nuts is a very easy process that can become a very complicated one if not done carefully and correctly. The nuts should be broken loose with the tire on the ground because the wheel will spin when it is off the ground. If you are replacing them for cosmetic reasons or preventive maintenance, they can be removed and replaced one at a time and you are not required to raise the vehicle to accomplish this task. When installing wheel lug nuts, they must be torqued to the proper specifications using a torque wrench. Always hand tighten them first to insure they are properly aligned and not cross threaded causing lug damage. If you remove the wheel you need to insure that it is flat against the hub assembly when installing it. This is completed by using a cross pattern, installing one nut and then installing the one directly across from it.

Make sure they are correct before you purchase.

Wheels lug nuts need to be specific for each application and if you have custom wheels the OEM nuts are replaced with the design that is required to fit the new wheels. You need to take several factors in consideration, such as the thread requirement, length, and seat. Car Parts discount has a huge assortment of wheel lug nuts to fit any car truck or SUV and any custom wheel it may have. CPD is the place to obtain any parts you need both OEM and custom to facilitate every application at reasonable prices.