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The view through the Chevrolet Door Window Glass is enjoyed by all occupants of your vehicle. It is also the barrier between the passengers and the environment on the outside of the vehicle. This is not a body part that can simply wear out in time; it has to be broken by an impact to be in need of replacement on your Chevrolet.

If one of your Chevrolet window glass breaks, the most time consuming part of the repair procedure will be in cleaning up of all the small pieces of broken glass. Just like the windshield that is made of impact resistant glass, so is the window glass on your Chevrolet. It is designed to break apart in very small pieces so no passenger is cut by the glass if the vehicle is involved in an accident. Even if the door window glass is up when it is broken, there will be numerous pieces that fall through the opening and will remain in the bottom of the inner door panel until they are cleaned up. The best way to clean this up is to use a vacuum cleaner.

If the broken window glass is not cleaned up out of the inner door panel on your Chevrolet, then at high speeds a grinding and giggling sound will emanate from the door that is known to irritate the drivers of the vehicle.

To install the window glass, the window regulator for that door will have to be in the middle position. This makes it possible to slip the glass into place and bolt it down. Remember this is glass so do not overly tighten the mounting bolts and always use the polymer grommets that are used to make direct contact with the glass.

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