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The Chevrolet power window motor is the luxury part that has replaced the old fashioned cranking of the window lever by hand. There is a separate power window motor for each door window in your Chevrolet. The location of the Chevrolet power window motors are in the door panel of the vehicle. The inner door panel will have to be removed with the window in the up position for it to be seen. Before this is done the switch that controls the power window motor should be tested. If the window in question on your Chevrolet is one of the passenger windows, then the master switch of the driver's can be used for this test. The driver's window has to have the switch pulled and replaced for this test to occur. If the window still does not move then inspection and replacement of the power window motor should be your next move. To swap out the power window motor, the glass portion of the window must be in the up position and prevented from coming down when the motor is removed. Once the replacement part is in place, it should be tested before the door panel is placed back into position. The electric motor that powers your window is the part on your Chevrolet that fails over time. The more times each one is used, the faster it will wear out. This is why the driver's window motor malfunctions first in most instances. The second most frequent failing window motor is the front passenger side. It really is the frequency of it's up and down motion that causes this part to fail. This is the nature of electrical motors.

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