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The use of the Chrysler Power Window Motor to supply the movement of the glass window is no longer just a luxury item. On nearly all Chryslers coming off of the assembly line, the use of power windows is now standard equipment.

It is common for the Chrysler power window motor to wear out in time and became a faulty part. This is just the inherited result of being used and it being an electrical component. The more it is used, the faster the power window motor will have to be replaced. This is why the driver's window is generally the first one to become nonfunctional.

If the window on your Chrysler does not function the power window motor is just one of the components that should be tested to see just where the faulty part is located. The motor is the starting point for the diagnosis after the fuse is inspected to see if it is blown. If the fuse is ok then the motor should be tested to see if it has power. If there is no power then the power window switch should be tested. If there are any connectors in the path of the wires running from the power window motor to the switch, both sides of them should also be tested. This testing should continue until the point where the voltage is found to begin. This will be the faulty part in your system.

Before the old power window motor is removed, the battery should be disconnected. This will prevent the person who is doing the repair procedure from receiving a shock when they are handling the electrical wires in the door panel of your Chrysler.

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