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Dodge Power Window Motor

It is the Dodge power window motor that makes it possible to roll down the window without having to use a hand crank. This was a luxury option in the past on Dodge models but today is considered standard equipment on most models. There is a separate power window motor for each of the door windows on your vehicle. They are located in the inside of the door behind the door panel, and are connected to the window regulator. If you suspect your Dodge power window motor is faulty, it is advisable to first check the switch. With electrical components, a diagnosing of a problem should commence with the power source then move forward. The power window motors receive their electricity from the switch. Once the switch has been eliminated as being suspect in the failure of a working window, then the power window motor can be replaced on your Dodge. First the battery should be disconnected since you will be replacing an electrical component. With the glass portion of the window placed in the up position with a brace, you can begin to remove the power window motor from the regulator. If the glass is down in the door, it has to be moved up so access to the motor is possible. This has to be carefully done as not to break the window because you are applying to much pressure to it. Once the new component is in place the brace that was holding the glass portion in place should be removed and the battery reconnected. The motor should then be tested to ensure it is in working order and no further adjustments are necessary. Once that is accomplished the door panel on your Dodge can be replaced.

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