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The Ford power window motor is one of the many luxury items now standard on almost all vehicles of this type. Since it is an electrical component, in time it will wear out which will require it to be replaced. There is a power window motor for every door that has a power window in your Ford vehicle. They are located inside the door shell, attached to the regulator below the glass. If the Ford power window motor is suspected of failure, the first thing an owner should do is to have the switch checked. If there is no electricity to the power window motor, it will not be able to function. If the switch tests fine, then the motor should be diagnosed. Access to the power window motor can be accomplished by removing the inner door panel on your Ford and having the window glass propped in the up position. The electrical lead to the motor should be tested with a voltage meter. If you have power to the motor but it will not activate, then replacement is warranted. For safety purposes the battery should be disconnected so no power is being supplied to the motor before it is pulled and replaced. It is also advised that the glass portion of the window be braced so it will remain in the up position during the replacement process. Once the power window motor is removed and the new one put into place all of the electrical connections should be reconnected and the battery hooked up. The brace for the window glass should be removed and the window tested. When the glass is moving up and down, then the inner door panel on your Ford's interior can be put back on and the repair job is completed.

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